About Us

LME Singapore was established by Mr. Yow Cheng Hoe in May 1989. The company initially specialised in the trading of aluminium products such as aluminium ingots, billets, extrusions, sheets, plates, foils, angle bars, flat bars, c-channels, etc., serving a wide range of industries.


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As a result of its involvement in a cross-section of the aluminium industries, it quickly moves downstream with major focus on aluminium for applications in Architecture, Automation, Engineering, Exhibition, Electronics, Street Furniture etc.


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In line with the government’s policy of encouraging companies to go regional, LME has since established factories in Malaysia, India and China to allow it to have synergistic advantages.


Our mission is to ensure that we give good value on our website for our Products and Services to our customers. We take care to ensure that we deliver on time and with the right attitudes towards quality.


Our reason is simple,


“A Satisfied Customer is a Valuable Customer!”